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GOMM BEER is an almost century old tradition: Brewed since 2007, my recipes are designed for partial mash
brewing using about four pounds of grains and DME malt to bridge the gap. For a busy life-style, this reduces
brewing time and equipment needed compared to traditional all-grain brewing. I emphasize the use of yeast
starters and a long, cold lagering period during secondary fermentation for Lager and Pils style beers.
I also focus on temperature control and mash out and sparge at 170F.
This yields beer quite close to all-grain brewing.

Here are a few traditional GOMM BEER recipes:


GOMM Summer Ale

Bold flavors and very refreshing. I use 1 cup of sugar to yield strong bottel carbonation.
OG: 1048

1lb. Carapils
2lb. German Munich, steep at 150F (60min)
2lb. Extra Light DME, boil for 60min
2lb. Extra Light DME, boil for 25min

1/2oz. Tettnanger, boil for 60min
3/4oz. USA Cascade, boil for 30min
3/4oz. USA Cascade, boil for 5min

1oz. Orange zest, boil for 5min
1/2oz. Lime zest, boil for 5min

Nottingham Ale Yeast (#Y005) + yeast starter

Traditional, delicious Pilsner - no words needed.
This one is fermented in the fridge at 52F, and I include a short diacetyl rest prior to botteling.
After bottle carbonation, I dial the fridge down to 35F for 6 weeks for lagering.
OG: 1052

5lb. German Pilsner malt, steep at 122F (20min), 149F (30min), 158F (30min)
4lb. DME light, boil for 60min
1oz. Perle, boil for 60min
1oz. Saaz, boil for 30min
1oz. Saaz, boil for 10min
White Labs Pilsner Yeast (WLP800) + yeast starter

GOMM Pale Ale

This is really just my attempt to copy one of my favorite beers: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
Nothing better than the smell and taste of hops and then some.
OG: 1064

4lb. 2 Row Pale Malt
1lb. Crystal Malt (60L), steep at 153F (60min)
5lb. DME Light, boil for 60min
1/2oz. Magnum, boil for 60min
1/2oz. Perle, boil for 30min
1oz. Cascade, boil for 10min
2oz. Cascade, at flameout
California Ale Yeast (WLP001) + yeast starter

GOMM Oktoberfest

Originally created in Germany around 1840. I want a time machine !!
A smooth, rich malt character dominates this style with Munich malt playing prominent role.
OG: 1065

3lb. Pils
1lb. Munich
1/2lb. Victory
1/2lb. Carapils
1/4lb. Chrystal 120L, steep at 120F (30min), 154F (30min), 170F (mash out)
4lb. Light DME, boil for 60min
1oz. Hallertau, boil for 60min
1/2oz. Tettnanger, boil for 30min
1/2oz. Tettnanger, boil for 10min
White Labs Oktoberfest WLP820 + yeast starter

Hefeweizen is a simple, refreshing German style of beer whose main characteristics are
determined by very low flocculating yeasts that produce a cloudy end product.
I like to use the Weihenstefan yeast since it is widely used by many German brewers.
OG: 1043

3lb. Pale Wheat
1lb. German Pils, steep for 45min at 155F
4lb. DME Wheat, boil for 60min
1oz. Tettnanger, boil for 60min
Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast (Wyeast #3068)


GOMM Recession Triple
Developed in fall 2008 to help getting people's minds of economic turmoil. One 22fl.oz. bottle
is enough to exactly do that! After a 3month bottle aging period, you will be rewarded with a
strong and hoppy beer with an incredible head.
OG: 1075

1lb. Briess Caramel 80L, steep for 20min at 160F
6lb. Golden Malt Extract, boil for 60min
3lb. Golden Light DME, boil for 60min
1oz. Glacier, boil for 60min
1oz. Glacier, boil for 20min
2oz Glacier, boil for 5min
Irish Ale Yeast (Wyeast #1084) + yeast starter
1oz. Tettnager for dry hopping in 2nd fermenter